Nenjaga Malarkal

This is the first of the collection of the Tamil (original) poems by the author. All these poems have been translated into English by a famous translator Karthik Narayan and it has appeared as 'Blossoms of the Heart'. This collection has 70 poems (page 102) many of which have historical connections and context. The book is arranged in four sections: one is on Abdul Kalam (poem 35 to 48). Poem 35 is on SLV - song written in 1980 on the historical occasion of India becoming the sixth space facing nation. The poem also, surprisingly, identifies a Kalam to appear after about 15 years. It has a poem written immediately after Agni launch and the one on Technology Vision 2020 in 1996 just after it is approved by TIFAC Council. Also on Kalam sixty and his some difficult moments. This is a unique poem on Kalam's father, which touched Dr. Kalam's heart. Tender poem written to bride Gomati written a few months before the poet's marriage with her. (It is the second oldest survived poem). SLV Song being the third.

The poems cover a whole canvas - social conditions, nation, individuals in life and whole range of issues of life including philosophical and existential ones. The author has given a elaborate introduction of the source of the poems and his life. An excellent foreword by Dr Kalam. The book has very good review. One by Sahitya Academy Winner 'Ponneelan' see in his website and also here. The second edition has come out in 2002 with Mr N Vittal's letter of appreciation.