Mother At Iceland

Mother at Iceland


Oh! Mother Earth

I thought you were old

I learnt a lot, now I am old

Our societies are old;

We have many sciences

for knowing your past

many models to forecast

Your behaviour in future

 Those who know aren't sure

But most of us are sure

That you are good old mother

Mostly stable and predictable

With occasional coughs and tremors

I said they were due to

Your violent past; voluptuous past

And your watery dress

having occasional jerks;

 Stable rocks, molten center,

Many minerals buried inside

that is you I thought

Himalayas being your recent child

tall and mighty we were proud

Your love affair was over

So we thought

 I come to Iceland

Am seeing a new

Your unseen adolescence

Smaller breasts, bubbling laughter

An unusual inner warmth

Flowing through the geysers

and lovely people full of humour

love for life and living

The polar weather

Makes them bear

the hardships with cheer

 Your love continues

Your passion rages

through the hot geysers

and very active volcanoes

With many changes in mood

and hips dancing to music tuned

No hardening of arteries

Or mineral clots

Lovely fishes

the evolutionary first steps

 For a long time you cuddle in bed

with blanket of dark long night

A few months you are full of shine

with only a small nap as break

ice, water and heat

a strange dialectic mix

gives energy to your human kids

to brave the cold

and to win in fish trade

to speed up evolution

through human creation

 Mother Earth! Grandma Earth!

Lovely bride and adolescent Earth!

Can I see you as a little girl!

And as a babe in hand?

Wherever you are!

You keep seeing, keep sensing

You will feel my innocence

My sensual exuberance

Elderly wisdom

Some cruel moods too!

When you learn to feel me inside

You are no longer my child

You are Me, I am You!