Mother Earth


  1. Daily tremors,
    Body yours!
    Sometimes convulses
    In severe forms!
    Twitches, cracks
    And melt some parts
    The creatures you evolved
    Are all devoured!
    An aimless hunger
    Or a purposeful anger
    We know not
    Can't you please speak?
  2. We have inside us
    Nice warmth and flesh!
    You have in you
    Some deadly hot
    Molten matter,
    We call magma,
    Is it to protect your
    Creatures many
    From the remnants of your
    Passionate youth!
  3. Or do you store your
    Mighty power
    Deep inside
    And show for us
    A dumb and beautiful exterior?
  4. But sometimes Mother!
    You lose control
    Your molten inside
    Pours forth outside
    Molten metal
    Lots of dust, with a
    Deadly end for
    Anything alive!
  5. Your watery dress
    And thin layer
    Of airy caress,
    Brought forth green
    And all that's life!
    But sometimes the sun,
    Water and air,
    Conspire through a
    Cyclone, flood
    Or a scorching drought!
    Many other dangers
    Lurk always!
  6. We still live, love,
    Fight and hate,
    Kill, create,
    And search for peace!
    We sometimes feel
    We can control you!
    And shape you
    For our immortality!
    We lose a friend dear
    In a simple way
    We suddenly realize
    That we are so frail!
  7. Mother! Mother!
    Where can we go?
    Like an animal
    Or bird or plant,
    We are not,
    You know it well!
    They are with you
    As a part of you!
    We are in you,
    But still we think
    We have something
    Called brain or mind!
    Sometimes we call it
    'Cause we love many
    Bombastic words!
  8. Sometimes we talk of
    Universe great
    Where you are but
    A speck of dust!
    Like a foetus
    Cursing its mother's womb
    We talk of space
    And galaxy
    Where we can live
    In future years!
  9. Mother!
    Still you are our mother!
    You tolerate us
    And give us strength!
    You bless us!
    And love us!
    You save us too!
    Can't you shape us
    Into better beings?

Y.S. Rajan