Hero`s Tears


Bhagat Singh’s mother,
Being a brave daughter
Of the India Mother,
Resolved the contradiction
Of sacrificing her son
For the freedom of the Mother,
By praising her son
Standing near the gallows
And asking him to raise the slogan
‘Long Live Revolution’
For the Mother and the people,
Thus killing his death
And transforming the neck noose
To a garland of flowers!

The heroic son had done
Twenty three orbits around the Sun!
Hero shone like thousand Suns
To scorch the fears, burn inactions
To kill timidity, servility
Freeing India Mother was his
Vision’n fire he lit with life!

Today the March twenty three
Two Thousand and three
I felt two drops on my little hand
Drops did speak with voice so weak!
Not blood drops of Bhagat Singh great
Nor from the heart of his heroic mother!
We are tears from their own eyes,
Controlled so tight, so rare a sight
The first two drops are we
From the mother and son from heaven
Watching India Mother in people struggle
Yet a few powerful with ill gotten wealth;
Don’t get wet by their tears!
You will burn! country will burn!
Do something to transform your land
With prosperity for all

Bhagat Singh said ‘My job was simple
Target clear! with foreign enemy’
In free India the enemy is within:
Shameless inaction goalless coordination;
Buzz words aplenty actions scanty;
Dividing our people without any scruple;
Craze is for power and to hell with the poor;
List is endless! was my action pointless?
I am requesting the God for a painful hell
Pain from India will feel little less!
My weak body ‘n tiring mind overpowered
With the message of the hero’s tears
I search for knowledge rifles of new warrirors!

Y S Rajan