Jumping Genes

The poems cover the period when the author was in Punjab. There are also many poems when he travelled with H.E. President of India within India and abroad. The poems cover a wide range of topics from spirituality, religion, society, science, technology, economic development, law and legal process, governance in India, media, romance, nature, Africa, Iceland.

The book was released by H.E. Governor of Tamil Nadu who said at the release function that the poems bring out fully the personality and experience of Y.S. Rajan. He quoted a few poems which deeply touched him.

The author had dedicated the book 'To all those mutant genes in every part of the world ... past, present and future'.

All the three English sets above Blossoms of the Heart (translated from Tamil), Agony & Harmony and Jumping Genes are referred to and a few of the poems briefly analysed in a recent book by Prof R K Singh 'Voices of the Present'. Critical essays on some Indian English Poets published by Book Enclave refer to these three books of Y.S. Rajan.

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