This is a compilation of Tamil poems (of traditional types 'Marabu Kavithangal' as well as modern ones) written recently during 2005. A few poems from the earlier compilations have been included.

Most Hindu Gods and Goddesses with their traditional glory have been addressed with prayers in the modern context and also Jesus & Mary. A few photographs of Gods & Goddesses are given as colourful pictures.

Most of the poems are eminently suitably for singing in Tamil music and Carnatic Music traditions and also Thirupugazh, Tevaram and Bharati songs traditions. The notes under the poems indicate those possibilities. Musicians like Unnikrishnan have already indicated their willingness to sing. The poems are in simple Tamil while retaining the rich traditions.

In the words of Prof K G Seshadri of SASTRA University :

In Rajan we find a rare fusion of true wisdom, science, poetic insight and divine ardor inextricably intertwined with one another. In this anthology, we see not only Rajan the scientist but also Rajan the seeker of true knowledge, Rajan the dreamer and the social thinker, Rajan the devout singer of songs of the Divine, Rajan the planner and Rajan the patriot. It was Einstein who said once that it is the scientist who is closer to God for he is ever in quest of truth and God is Truth.

We rarely see a scientist or a technologist writing poetry. A poet writes only poems conveying the messages through his fine frenzy and dreams. It is therefore something of a marvel when we see noble thoughts, practical wisdom, executive expertise and poetic talent clamoring for release and expression within the same individual. Such men are rare to come by, who think for others wealth, draw plans for the nation's prosperity and also succeed in executing their plans. Rajan belongs to this exclusive club of thinkers, planners, men of action, dreamers and poets.

Even like Bharati who sang always about the prosperity of people of the country and the world at large, Rajan in his poems prays to his patron deities for the commonweal. Like Bharati too, he uses the diction of everyday speech, a revolution which Wordsworth made in English poetry two centuries ago in England.

In the poem on Prakriti, Rajan, the scientist and Rajan, the devout worshipper merge the earth, all living things, animate and inanimate objects, the stars, the heavenly bodies, all the universes in space are seen by him as part of the primal material source of creation (Moola prakriti) and at the same time as manifestations of Goddess Parvathi, Shakthi, Kali, and Bhavani.

The devotional lyrics of Rajan with their simple and limpid poetic expression, reveal his intense patriotism, clear vision, deep insight, noble humanitarianism, his thirst for knowledge, commitment to intense socio-economic awareness and his passionate longing for making the India of Bharati's dream a reality. He sends out a clarion call to the youth of the country, even like his hero Dr. Kalam, to put forth their best by striving hard for making India a great power. We can very well say that Gandhiji's taraka mantra "Humanity is my soul and social service my religion", has been adopted by Rajan as his article of faith and theme statement.

As an old Professor of English, as a literary critic and as a lover of Bharati, I have great pleasure in blessing the scientist-poet, Dr. Y.S. Rajan thus:

"May you live long, continuing your good work through poetry !

May the dream of Bharati become a reality

Through your passionate outpourings in pellucid Tamil !

May your endeavours be crowned with success,

By the Grace Abounding of the God Above!"

Prof. K. G. Seshadri,
Dean, Humanities and Sciences

The first book was handed over to H.E. President of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam on 31 March 2005 in a simple function at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. There are 74 pages excluding introduction etc and 54 songs.

SASTRA does not sell these at a price. You may get a copy from them gratis or on VPP for postal charges. Those who want to make CD's with these songs are welcome. Please contact the author.

Also those who want to translate into other languages or want to print them on a commercial basis, may please contact the author.

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