Azhiyaatha Uyirgal

These are in Tamil original 80 poems most written during 2001 and 2002.

There is an analytical foreword or 'aninthurai' by Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu under title 'Raja Kuyiley Paadu!' or 'Oh! Kindly Koyal you sing!'.

Vairamuthu says that these poems are to be enjoyed with their internal rythms (sabda jaalangal) and therefore have to be read out loudly. He has also brought out a number of special features of YSR's poems : One is the fire of truth; none of literary hype; they have not been created out of any compulsion to write; (he says that he does not have poetry as profession). Whenever the internal Kavithadevi awakens and ask him to write he writes; he does not wake her up. He elaborates on other items too such as Bharati's knowledge based passion; and the word structures have many shadows of Mahakavi Bharati. Also quotes a few poems and talks specially of a poem 'Ethiriyum Num Naadeum' (Enemy and our country) and recommends that each school function it should be sung with special lyrics. 'Era Kavithaiyin Dheera Kural Athu'.

Author has a introductory prose. A very special note by publishers. There is a special poem on Kalam's elder brother. One sent to Dr Kalam immediately after the helicopter mishap; one on his elections as President.

Themes as usual cover a whole range : society; nation; economics; plight of poor and solutions; about infant; romantic poems; on Aloe Vera; on people; some on Dances; spirituality etc.

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