Blossoms Of The Heart

(English translation by Mr.Karthik Narayan)

(Original book - collection of Tamil Poems by Y S Rajan - "Nenjaga Malargal"- 2002)

Published by New Century Book House Pvt. Ltd. (NCBH) 

Some of the poem titles are :

New poetry, Sorrow, Wasted life, People of Bharat, Middle class, Dharma and the country, New mantras, Sacrifice, Culture, The new order, Bharati's anger, Some people, The new saffron roles, Jawaharlal Nehru Award, She, A woman, A man, An idealist, love, poems on Abdul Kalam, One on his father, Nursery school, Black cat, Defeat, Sexuality, Same confusion, Cinema, Knowledge & enlightenment, Birthday song, New Seetha, New Draupadi; Luster in sex, Collected butter, Position.