List of Papers and Publications

Publications by Y.S.Rajan fall in several categories. There are a number of detailed technical and techno – managerial reports and papers, available only within the organizations he worked like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its partner institutions Department of Science and Technology (DST) of Govt. of India, Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) etc. There are occasional publications in open domain through the medium of national and international symposiums and seminars.

Some of these get published as symposium / seminar / workshop proceedings. Some remain as grey literature, available in the open domain. There are some which get published in formal journals. Some have appeared in national newspapers, more of popular writing. There are some papers which were written specifically for journals / books. The last category belongs to books.

Y.S.Rajan, by the very nature of his tasks as developmental engineer, systems engineer, systems manager, programme manager, chief executive etc has not kept track of the formal status of each of them. He has a number of them as hard copies; a number of them in electronic form – as sent by him.

Within these limitations the following list is given to depict the wide nature of his publication activity, which was secondary to his main tasks all through his career.

Papers in journals or seminar proceedings

A few major internal reports are cited to give an idea of the topics.

The following six items are given as examples of detailed technical (engineering) documents, mostly internal

  1. ISRO Electronics activities – a decade profile (1969) ISRO Internal Document – contributed several chapters.
  2. Several technical memoranda concerning INSAT Subsystems Designs, criteria for protection of Satellite TV Signals from terrestrial transmissions, etc. during ISRO – MIT Lincoln Laboratory Studies (1969) (Internal).
  3. Contributor of several chapters and sections to INSAT Satellite System Study (published) Vol. I, Vol. II and Vol. III. An ISRO – MIT Study (1969).
  4. Several internal technical memoranda to NASA’s ATS-F Project Office (1969 – 73).
  5. An ISRO Memorandum – An Analysis of ATS – F Multiple Beam Patterns and Some General Deductions for Application to Multiple Beam Antennas (February 22, 1973 YSR/0006/73).
  6. “Tracking Artificial Satellites and Space Objects”. A detailed ISRO Report limited circulation (Single authored).

Then come a category of publications / papers presented at Symposia / Sent to Journals.

  1. Radar Transponder for Tracking Centaure Rocket.
  3. (Manuscript received on 22 April 1970) Reprinted from Journal of the Institution of Telecom, Engrs., 1970, Vol. 16, No.10, pp.767 – 772
  4. “Tracking Systems for Indian Programmes”. Talk at the Workshop on Orbital Mechanics organized under IISc – ISRO Programme in Space Science & Technology Education : Session VII dated November 18, 1977.
  5. “The Indian Space Programme – Present and Future”. Paper presented at the Shuttle and Spacelab Utilization Symposium held during March 1978 in Washington DC, USA.
  6. Tracking Space Vehicles: Paper based on talk given under the short – term course “Space Science, technology and Applications of India, IISC/ISRO Programme in Space Science & Technology Education at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore during March 28 to April 7, 1978.
  7. “Future Prospects in Remote Sensing” – Technical Report from IISc – ISRO Educational Programme on Space Science and technology based on the lecture delivered on August 31, 1978.
  8. Remote Sensing Activities in India: Paper presented at the Second Asian Remote sensing Conference held in Beijing (1981) and appeared in the proceeding of the conference (October 29 – November 5, 1981)
  9. Some Aspects on applications of Space technology to Integrated Earth Resources Management: Based on the talk delivered at the 69th Congress (January 1982 – Mysore) of the Indian Space Congress Association under Section ‘Agricultural Sciences’ pertaining to the Focal Theme “ Basic research as an integral component of a self reliant base of science and technology”
  10. Astronomy Education in India – An Opinion Paper
  11. M.K.Tiwari, Y.S.Rajan and K.Kasturirangan 
  12. Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India. Vol . 6 pp. 71 – 75 (1978)
  13. (Full paper to be seen in the NASA Astrophysics Data Systems)
  14. REMOTE SENSING OF OCEANS – PRESENT CAPABILITIES AND FUTURE PROJECTIONS: Based on talk delivered at the Engineers India Limited, New Delhi on May 10, 1982
  15. “Indian Remote Sensing Programme”, Paper based on the talk delivered at the symposium on “Applications of remote Sensing for Rice Production” conducted at Hyderabad during 9th – 11th September, 1981, and published in the Symposium Proceedings.
  16. “Remote Sensing Programme of Department of Space”, Paper is the part of the Proceedings of the Seminar on “Applications of remote Sensing : An Appraisal for Decision Makers” on 18th – 19th December, 1981 at NRSA, Secunderabad and published in the Proceedings.
  17. “Some aspects of Applications of Space technology to Integrated Earth Resources Management”. Talk delivered at the 68th Congress (January 1982 – Mysore) of the Indian Science Congress Association under Section ‘Agricultural Sciences’ pertaining to the Focal themes “Basic research as an integral Component of a Self – Reliant of Science & Technology”.
  18. A Decade of Remote Sensing in India – Some Salient results - presented at COSPAR, Graz, Austria June – July 84. (Y.S.Rajan and V.R.Rao). Appeared in Advances in Space Research Vol 4, Issue 11, 1984 pp.3-11.
  19. “Remote Sensing Activities in India – IV”. A paper presented at the 3rd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing held at Dhaka during 1982.
  20. Self – sufficiency in Space Technology, an article in The Hindustan Times on May 7, 1984.
  21. “International Scene in Remote Sensing”. An article in the Proceedings of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore on 4th December, 1983 Vol.6, pt.4, & pp.353-371. Y.S.Rajan and Jacob Ninan.
  22. A Decade of Remote sensing in India – Some Salient results – presented at COSPAR, Graz, Austria June – July 84. (Y.S.Rajan and V.R.Rao). Appeared in Advances in Space Research Vol.4, Issue 11, 1984 pp.3-11,
  23. “Training Opportunities in Remote Sensing in India”. Presented to COSPAR, Graz, Austria – June – July, 1984. (Y.S.Rajan & T.Natarajan). Appeared in Advances in Space Research Vol.4, Issue 11, 1984 pp.3-11.
  24. “Remote Sensing activities in India – V”. A paper presented at the 5th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing held at Kathmandu, Nepal during 1984 (Y.S.Rajan, G.Behera and V.R.Rao).
  25. Some aspects of self-reliance in the Indian Space Programme and sharing of experience. A paper presented at COSPAR Workshop on Space research for developing Countries June – July 1984 (appeared as Un/COSPAR publication in 1985).
  26. Remote Sensing Activities in India and some Aspects of International Cooperation, December 3, 1984, presented to IV Plenary Meeting of SELPER, Santiago, Chile.
  27. Remote Sensing – Requirements of R & D Management. Paper presented at Society of R&D Managers of India – Seminar 1985 at Trivandrum during February 1985 (Y.S.Rajan & G.Behera).
  28. Space Research in India, a paper presented at COSPAR Workshop on Space Research for Developing Countries June – July, 1984 appeared as UN/CSOPAR publication in 1985 (edited by Prof. R.R.Daniel & Y.S.Rajan).
  29. Training and Education in remote Sensing. A paper presented at Indo – US Symposium at Ahmedabad March 15, 1985 (Y.S.Rajan, G.Behera, and J.Krishnamuthy).
  30. “Remote Sensing Activities in India – VIth. A paper presented at the 6th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing held at Hyderabad, India during 1985 (Y.S.Rajan et al).
  32. U.R. Rao, Chairman, Space Commission, Bangalore & 
  33. Y.S. Rajan, Scientific Secretary, ISRO, Bangalore in the Proceedings of Indo – Soviet Cooperation Workshop (1986?)
  34. Training and Trained Manpower in Remote Sensing in India. A Special Publication – ISRO, NNRMS SP-14-85 (October, 1985) (Co-authored).
  35. “Remote Sensing for Resources Management – Indian Experience”. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing d\for developing countries, ISPRS, New Delhi March 11th – 14th, 1986 (Y.S.Rajan et al).
  36. “Remote Sensing Activities in India – VII”. A paper presented at the 7th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing held at Seoul, Korea during October 23rd – 28th , 1986 9Y.S.Rajan et al).
  37. “Operationisation of Remote Sensing Applications”. Report of the 5th All India Workshop on the Role of State Councils in Utilizing Remote Sensing Technology for Resources Survey and Management held at Guwahati, India during November 14th – 15th, 1986.
  38. A series of reports on remote Sensing Activities in India appeared as formal ISRO reports with number (About 1984 onwards) about 10 in number.
  39. Management of the Indian Space Program, Y.S.Rajan, Sadhna. Proceedings of Indian Academy of Sciences, Section engineering Sciences, Vol 12, Part 3, March 1988, pp. 289-305
  40. Indian remote Sensing Programme” – A paper presented at IAF Congress, Brighton, UK during October 1987 (Y.S.Rajan et al).
  41. “Earth Safety and Disaster Response Employing Space – borne Systems A Review” – A paper presented at the 38th IAF Congress, Brighton, UK during October 1987 (Coauthored).
  42. “Benefits from Space Technology – A view from a Developing Country”. A paper presented at the 38th IAF Congress at Brighton, UK, during October, 1987 (Y.S.Rajan) and published in Space Policy – August, 1988 (pp. 221 – 228).
  43. “Status of Earth Observation Activities in India”. A Paper presented at the Second Conference of International Forum for Earth Observation Among Space Elements. Tokyo – November 17th – 18th, 1987.
  44. “Perspectives in Utilization Pattern in Remote Sensing”. A paper presented at the 39th IAF Congress held at Bangalore during October, 1988 (Y.S.Rajan et al).
  45. “Indian Experience in Introducing Remote Sensing Technology to the user community and its effects on their Technical Excellence”. A paper presented at the 39th IAF Congress held at Bangalore during October, 1988 (Y.S.Rajan et al).
  46. “Indian Experience in the Dissemination and use of Remote Sensing Data and Future Prospects”. A paper presented at the 39th IAF Congress held at Bangalore during October, 1988 (Y.S.Rajan et al).
  47. “Over view of the world-wide planetary joint exploration programme: mission planned and gap to fulfill”. A paper presented at the 39th IAF Congress held at Bangalore during October, 1988.
  48. “Earth Observing Satellite Plans in India”. A Joint paper published in Adv. Space Res. Vol.9, No.1 pp.225-228, 1989 (Y.S.Rajan et al).
  49. “Globalization of Technologies – some issues”. Paper Presented at the 14th Indian Social Science Congress at Ahmedabad, Thematic Panel XIII (Planning & the International Environment For Technology Acquisition) during 12th – 16th December, 1989.
  50. “View points on the Sixth Peace Symposium”. Viewpoints presented at the Peace Studies Symposium on Political Institutional and Technical Aspects of Verification by Satellites held at Tokai University European center, Denmark, 7th – 8th December, 1989.
  51. “Development of technology Assessment Capacity at the National, regional and International Levels”. An article written for ATAS Bulletin Environmentally Sound Technology Assessment (ESTA), UN Centre for Science & Technology for Development, New York – September, 1990. 9Brought out in ATAS Bulletin VII ESTA Spring 1992).
  52. “Space Research and its Application in Nation Building.” Special Republic Day Issue of YOJANA (November, 1990), New Delhi.
  53. “TIFACLINE – Value Added Compact Technology Information System:. Paper presented at International Conference on Computer and Communication Value Added Services (INFOCOM, 91) held at Bombay during November 20 -22, 1991. (Co-authored).
  54. “Indian Energy Scenario: Emerging Alternatives”. A Joint article sent to UNCSTD for publication in the Summer Issue of Newsletter (April 1991) (Co-authored).
  55. “Development of Space Technology: Indian Experience and Future Prospects”. (ASCI Journal of Management Vol. 21, No. 2-3, September – December, 1991 and also appeared in current Science, Vol. 62, No.8, 25th April, 1992).
  56. “Transfer of Space Technology to other Fields – The Indian Experience”. Paper based on a talk given at the Euro – Latin American Space Days on 29th November, 1991 in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.
  57. “An Overview of Technology in India”. (TECHNOCRAT, April 1992.)
  58. Article in Tamil on Satellite Remote Sensing and Applications prepared for the Tamil Nadu Science Congress, IBPL Urja Research Foundation, in November 1992).
  59. “Issue relating to Science & Technology Policy”. (based on a talk delivered during the seminar on Policy Analysis and Design at Lal Bahadur Shastri national Academy of Administration, Mussoorie during 23rd – 25th August, 1993). Has appeared in Quarterly Journal ‘The Administrator’ – Special Issue on Public Policy. Vol. XXXIX, No.1, January – March 1994.
  60. “Human Settlement Patterns – Some Technology Given Opportunities”. (Based on presentation made at the Technical Workshop on Environment Management and Urban Region held at New Delhi 22nd – 24th November, 1993 by Centre for research, Planning and Action (CERPA) – for publishing in the proceedings of CERPA). Appeared in the Indian Association of Social Science Institution (IASSI) Quarterly Vol.II, January – June 1993 Nos. 3 & 4.
  61. “Technology and Power perspectives”. Appeared in Seminar 414, February 1994, Managing Energy.
  62. “Managing India’s Coastal Zone – A check list on Technologies for New Business and Economic Opportunities”. (Based on the talk given at the seminar on Managing India’s Coastal Zone Resources. Threats and Actions organized by Society of Ocean Scientists and Technologists held in New Delhi on 27th November, 1993) and appeared in proceedings of Seminar.
  63. “Electric Power and Future technology Perspectives”. (April 25, 1994) (Appeared in TIDE of Tata Energy Research Institute, Vol.4, No.2, June 1994.
  64. “Experience of India and TIFAC in Technology Monitoring”. Paper presented in the meeting on cooperation in Technology Monitoring in Developing Countries held on 22nd – 25th November, 1994, New Delhi; organized by UNIDO, TIFAC, CII and APCTT.
  65. “Science, Technology and Industrial Development in India.” Presented at the 82nd Indian Science Congress. 3rd – 8th January, 1995, Calcutta. (Y.S.Rajan and Sunita Wadhwa)
  66. “Technology Trends in Satellite Communication VSATS”. (Based on the talk delivered at INFOTEX International ’95 – Seminar and Exhibition on Technology Trends held in New Delhi during 19th – 21st January, 1995). Appeared in Telematics India, August 1995.
  67. “Systems Choice for Data Processing, Analysis & Applications in Defence”. (Defence Science Journal Vol.45 No.4, October 1995 pp. 277 – 284, New Delhi.)
  68. “Problems in Absorption and Adaption of Technologies in India”. (Y.S.Rajan and Sunita Wadhwa) (Paper – ‘technological Dynamism and Human Resource Development’ presented in the International Seminar on Human Resources Needs for change in R *& D Institutes, held on 15th – 17th February, 1995,New Delhi organized by NISTADS in cooperation with WAITRO). Also appeared in a Book. “Science and Technology Strategies for Development in India and China – A Comparative Study by Har –Anand Publications Pvt. Ltd.
  69. “Technology Forecast and Higher Education”. (Y.S.Rajan, Malti Goel and Sunita Wadhwa) (Journal of Higher Education – Vol. 18 No.3, Monsoon 1995, New Delhi.)
  70. “Indian Technology Development and Transfer Structure”. Presented at the Indo-German Workshop on Technology Development and Transfer at Session 1 : national technology Development and Transfer Structure at New Delhi, 7th – 10th February, 1995. Edited by R.J.Peters and H.R.Bhojwani. Appeared in a book ‘International Cooperation – Indo-German Workshop on Technology Development and Transfer”.
  71. “Technology Dynamism and Opportunities for India”. (Presented at the 83rd Session of Science Congress at Patiala, January, 1996 as a Platinum Jubilee Lecture in the Engineering Sciences Section.)
  72. “R & D Institutions and Industry Linkages”. (Y.S.Rajan and Sunita Wadhwa). (Paper prepared for the Joint Workshop on Future Directions for Indian Economy : technology, Trade and Industry organized by Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 19th – 20th January, 1996). Appeared in the proceedings of the workshop.
  73. “Problems and Challenges of technology Transfer, And In – House R&D for Indian Industry in th1 1990’s”. (Paper based on the valedictory address delivered at the National Seminar on “Problems and Challenges of Technology Transfer, In – House R&D and Indigenous Technology for Indian Industry in the 1990’s at IIT, Bombay, 22nd – 24th January, 1996. Appeared in a book ‘Technology Transfer And In-House R&D In Indian Industry [In the later 1990s] Volume ii. Published by Allied Publishers Limited.
  74. “Technology Status ad Future of a Few Selected Areas Under Chemical Sector” TIFAC Studies”. (Y.S.Rajan et al prepared for Business Weekly Business Outlook ’96, Bombay). Published in the “Chemical Weekly” (Supplement to Chemical Weekly, June 25, 1996) Business Outlook Conference 1996.
  75. “Technology Vision for Idnia Upto 2020”. Prsented at the National Workshop on “Future – Vision – Seminar on Strategies for Safe Management of Ash Ponds and Ash Disposal Systems” organized by IIT, Delhi, in Association with the Fly Ash Mission, TIFAC, DST, Delhi from 11th – 13th April, 1996. Published in the book “Ash Ponds and Ash Disposal Systems”. Edited by: Prof. V.S.Raju, Mr.M.SDatta, Prof. V.Seshadri, Mr.V.K.Agarwal, Mr.V.Kumar. Publishes by Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi.
  76. “Institute – Industry R&D Relationship – Problems and Prospects”. Talk at the technical Session V, at the Workshop on ECE Education and Research in India Future Directions, 12th – 13th July, 1996 at IISc, Bangalore.
  77. “A Systemic Approach to Human Resources Development for Technology Management from the view point of a Developing Country”. Paper prepared for the Expert Group meeting on HRD Programme for Technology Management in Business Schools in Pakistan, 14th – 19th July, 1996.
  78. “Let us then be up and doing … (on India’s needs for technological strength)”. Appeared in Deccan Herald on January 1, 1997.
  79. “InfoTech and Indian Industry”. (Appeared in Data Quest – The Complete Computer magazine, Vol. XV. No.3, February 15, 1997.)
  80. “Ignoring Innovation Closing Windows of Opportunity”. (Appeared in The Times of India, No.67, vol.CLX on Marc 19, 1997.)
  81. Contributed at the panel discussion on “Possibilities for Indo-US Cooperation” as a discussants during the Conference on “The Future of Nuclear Weapons : A US –India Dialogue” held at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during May 5-8, 1997. Appeared in the proceedings of the Conference (page no. 236). Edited by Victoria L.Farmer.
  82. “Maintenance Malaise Pound Wise but Penny Foolish”. (Appeared in The times of India on May 16, 1997.)
  83. “Futuristic – Compuspeak”. (Appeared in The Times of India on June 5, 1997.)
  84. “Futuristic – Surface deep”. (Appeared in The Times of India on June 12, 1997).
  85. “Government data Hides, Not Reveals”. (Appeared in The Times of India on July 30, 1997).
  86. “India’s Star Trek”. (Appeared in The Economic Times – Sharing 50years of independence with India 1947 – 1997).
  87. “India’s Space Programme – Problems and Solutions”. (Appeared in Deccan Herald Newspaper on October 25, 1997).
  88. “Achieving Development Goals : Role of Telecom Applications”. (Appeared in VOICES - A Journal on Communication for Development in Vol.1 No.3 1997).
  89. “A Vision for Rural transformation – Science and technology based Initiatives”. (Appeared in the Journal of Rural Development [A quarterly of National institute of Rural Development] in Vol. 17, No.2, April – June 1998).
  90. “Technology Development and R&D Imperatives for the Indian Capital Goods Industry”. (Appeared in ‘The machinist’ In November – December 1998.)
  91. “Cartography in Action – Vision for the Emerging Knowledge Based India”. (Fifth Todarmal Memorial Lecture delivered during the 18th International Congress of the Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA), at Calcutta on December 15, 1998).
  92. “Trade, Technology, Foreign Policy and National Security: Growing Nexus”. (A paper presented at a Seminar on “Globalization and India” organized by the School of International Studies of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi from January 14th – 17th, 1999.) Later in the book Empowering Indians.
  93. “R & D Companies And Strategic Technology Partnerships”. (Y.S.Rajan and Kalpana J. Chaturvedi) (Appeared in Chemical Industry Digest [Special Issue]: Business & Technology Development – January 1999.) (Published by A Block dale publication, Bombay.)
  94. Interview with Y.S.Rajan extracts entitled. “The process of Strengthening Home – Grown Technologies Has Begun” appeared in MM – The Industry Magazine in Vol . 1, Issue 6, May 1999.
  95. “Technology Road Mapping and Indian Experiences in Stimulating Actions”. (Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation held between August 30, 1999 to September 2, 1999 at Austin, USA. Will be in the Website and also being brought in a book from the Conference.)
  96. “New Product Development “ Challenges of Globalization”. (Y.S.Rajan and Kalpana J. Chaturvedi). Appeared in the international Journal of Technology Management (IJTM), Vol.X, No. Y, pp.000-000. (2000)
  98. Presented at the International Seminar entitled “Indian Ocean in the 21st Century : Linkages & Networking” held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 9-10, February, 1998
  100. The paper is based on the talk delivered at the Fifth Annual Conference of International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics held in New Delhi, 10-12 April 1990. Views expressed are not necessarily of the organization the author belongs.
  102. Published in Spectrum MM Prime Movers, May 1999
  105. Proceedings of First International Conference for science communicators, Pune, India 28,29, 30 January 2000
  106. Y S Rajan : A Vision for Rural Transformation - Science and Technology Based Initiatives, pp 191 – 202, 
  107. Journal of Rural Development Special Issue on Science and Technology for Rural Development.
  108. Editor: R S Chaturvedi., National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad.Vol 17, April – June 1998 , No 2
  109. Y S Rajan : A Glimpse of Technologies: 
  110. A Vision for India. pp.1 – 11
  111. Man and Development. Vol XIV No.1. March 1992 by Centre of Research in Rural and Industry Development, Chandigarh, India.
  112. Y S Rajan Technology as a Binding Force pp 1 – 8 
  113. Man and Development, Vol XIX No.3, Sept 1997,
  114. Y S Rajan, Innovative Technology Change to development of opportunities before India, pp 25 – 30,
  115. Man and Development, Vol XIX No.3, Sept 1997,
  116. Y S Rajan, Human Happiness
  117. Role of Science and Technology. pp 15 – 26 
  118. Man and Development, Vol XXI No. 4 Dec 1999
  119. Towards a Knowledge Society in India. Issues for management. Appeared in International Journal Information Technology Management.Vol.2, No.3, 2003 pp. (251 – 267) © InderScience Enterprises
  120. Single Author Article on Prof. Satish Dhawan, 
  121. Bibliographical memories of Indian National Science Academy (INSA), Vol.28, 2005
  122. Special Editor for – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING, Special Issue, Vol.6, No.4 & 5 (1985).

In addition to the above Y.S.Rajan either as single author or co-author, has contributed chapters to books. A few of them are direct request for chapters. Others have been based on presentation in Symposiums / Seminars etc. These are as under.

1 .Application of Remote Sensing for Rice Production
Edited by Adarsh Deepak and K R Rao
A.Deepak Publishing 1984, Hampton Virginia, USA
(Proceedings of Symposium at Secunderabad, Sept 9 – 11, 1981)
Y S Rajan, Indian remote Sensing Program, pp 243 – 252
2. Monitoring Earth’s Ocean, Land and Atmosphere from Space – Sensors, systems and Applications.
Edited by Abraham Schapf,
Progess in Aeronautics and Astronautics Vol . 97,
Martin Summafield Series Editor in chief (1985)
Y S Rajan, Remote Sensing Activities in India – Past, Present and Future, pp 621 – 633
3. Science and Quality of Life
Edited by S . Z Quasim the Off setters, New Delhi (1993)
Y S Rajan, Chapter 7 Science and Linkages, pp 81 – 90
4. Knowledge for Inclusive Development
Edited by Pedro Conceicao, David V. Gibson et al.
Int’l Series of Technology Policies and Innovations.
Quarum Book (2002)
Introductory Note 2 for Part III Systems of Knowledge Creator and Differences. pp. 267 – 286
Kalpana J Chaturvedi and Yagnaswamy Sundara Rajan
Emerging Patterns of Science and Technology Commercialist. The Challenges rOf Globalization (India)
5. Impact of New Economic Policies on Man power Development
Edited by K Raghavan et al.
Agricole Publishing Academy
Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR) (1994)
IAMR Report No 2 / 1994
Y S Rajan: Ch . 18 Emerging Technology Scenario and Requirements of Technology and Professional Skills. pp 331 – 339
6. National Renewal Fund
A Look Ahead by International Labour Organization (ILO), New Delhi (1999)
Y S Rajan Part II
Special Address
Technology Dynamics and Employment – An Indian Perspective. pp 105 – 121
7. Liberalization – in India - The Road Ahead
Editor: Prof. V S Jafa
New Century Publications, New Delhi (2001)
Y S Rajan Policies for Science and Technology in the Era of Liberation. pp 56 – 82
8. Technology Transfer and In-house Research and Development in Indian Industry
(in the later 1990’s Vol II)
Edited by Binay Kumar Paltnaik
Allied Publication, New Delhi (1999)
Y S Rajan : Problems and Challenges in Technology Transfer and In – house research and Development for Indian Industry in 1990’s, pp 701 – 715
9. Science and Technology for Achieving Food, Economic and Health Security
Edited by U R Rao, Prison book(1996)
Technology Forecast to Support National Development
Y S Rajan
A Amudeswari pp:419 – 442
Books Edited by (Co-editor / or Single) and Written by Y.S.Rajan
10. Contribution to a Chapter in a Book Charka and Chip Rural Industrialization and Technology
Edited by Kamal Nayan Kabra and Laxmi Das, Published by Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi
Chapter 5, Y.S.Rajan, “India’s Rural Poverty and Possible Solutions” pp.51-72

A full list of books authored / co-authored by Y.S.Rajan can be found here.

In addition to the above Y.S.Rajan has a good collection of original poetry book written by him in Tamil and English, which have been commended / reviewed by eminent poets. A list of these is available here.

Some of the reviews of these poems are available here. The Tamil Poetry book carry foreword from eminent Tamil Scholars / Poets / Sahitya Academy Winners. One Tamil poetry book has been translated to English and one English book into Tamil by eminent writers / poets.

Apart from this, Y S Rajan is regular contributor to Vadakku Vaasal (North Gate) – a high quality Tamil monthly from New Delhi writing on wide range of topics from science to language to societal / economic issues to Philosophy.

Recently started a series in the English monthly KISAN WORLD, published from Chennai under the general topic “Twenty First Century Mission : Living with Nature in the Modern”.

Lectures and Presentations recently delivered by Y.S.Rajan:

  1. “VISION 2030 FOR GLOBAL TIBETAN PROFESSIONALS” delivered at First Global Tibetan Professional Summit on 5-6 September 2010 at Dharmashala
  2. “GLOBAL POSITION OF INDIAN INDUSTRY AND ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT” - Talk delivered at the Project Management Practioners’ Conference 2010 on September 9, 2010 in Bangalore.
  3. First International Conference on Drilling Technology (ICDT) - 18th – 20th November, 2010 - Topic: SOME THOUGHTS ON INDIA AND DRILLING TECHNOLOGY - 18th November, 2010 at IIT, Madras, Chennai.
  4. “ROLE OF ENGINEERING IN DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMY, SOCIETY AND PEOPLE” - The first Professor Satish Dhawan Commemoration lecture organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), Karnataka State Centre to be delivered on 22nd September 2010 at The Institution of Engineers (India), Karnataka
  5. “NATIONAL INTEREST (NI) AND TECHNOLOGIES - STRATEGIC CHALLENGES AND TACTICAL ACTIONS FOR CRITICAL TECHNOLOGIES” - Presented in the Advanced Briefing Programme on Critical Strategic and Economic Themes of the Future at ICRIER, New Delhi 16th November, 2010
  6. “EDUCATION FOR ALL: NEED TO GO OUT OF GROOVES” - delivered at a Seminar on 27 – 11 – 2010 at New Delhi on Inclusive Education organized by Dayanand Institute of Education Management and Research (DIEMR)
  7. “INNOVATION: WHAT? WHEN? HOW?” - Talk delivered at the Inaugural session of “TATTV” 2010 at the Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management - NASIK on 25th September, 2010
  8. “GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR INSTRUMENTATION PROFESSIONALS” - Prof.Satish Dhawan Memorial Lecture - delivered on National Symposium on Instrumentation (NSI) on January 7th 2010 at Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum
  9. “TECHNOLOGY GENERATION AND UTILIZATION- Many phases, Changing Paradigms - PATHWAYS FOR AN INNOVATIVE INDIA” - Delivered at the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai as Prof.B.D.Tilak Visiting Fellowship Lecture on 13th January, 2011
  10. “Quality Governance in Education” - Delivered at the 6th National Quality Conclave, Under the aegis of the Quality Council of India, on 11th Feb, 2011 at Hotel Le-Meriden, New Delhi
  12. “LIMITS TO CONSUMPTION: SUSTAINABLE BIOSPHERE AND HUMAN LIVING” A key note address delivered on April 8, 2011 at the Inaugural session of the National Conference on sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change, the fourth round table meet at Kolkatta, organized by National Council on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change (NCCSD) and South Asian Forum for environment (SAFE) on April 8-9, 2011.