Open Spring of Ideas List

Post Earth Quake Disaster Management

The fact of life is that earth quivers very often than what we think, it does. Occasionally there are severe tremors which we call earth quakes. Every time an earthquake takes place in India, many geophysicists will come out with their pet theories, working scientists bid for more equipment (which govt. sanctions), the there are several other rush jobs from food, to temporary shelters etc.

Mines Safety

I suggest that some young entrepreneurs may work with retired mines engineers to map the potential use of safety systems and equipment. I know that many mines are in public sector and it may not be easy for you to do a new product or assemble a new product and sell to them. Do a good research of global companies who can supply equipment and system. You can become their agents in India. You can get funds from to do the marketing and business development. You will definitely get a commission.

Road Accidents And Business Of Protection

On the whole, there are good market avenues, if innovative designs and low cost models can be done.

I pose this as a good challenge to designers, product makers ! You don't have to invent a new plastic or composite material. Many existing ones will suffice.

If you succeed, it is good business. Also you would have saved lots of human lives and disabilities

Reconstruction Industry

Let some clever group of entrepreneurs along with some financial institutions, start RECONSTRUCTION PACKAGES. Insurance companies can also join these efforts through offering attractive premiums for those who reconstruct; it will help the insurers in the long run.

Business Opportunities Around Chinese Translation

I see a tremendous opportunity for Chinese translators in the tourism and hospitality Industry in India. Make a pattern of Chinese places of tourism (for business or pleasure). Training many persons in authentic current spoken version of Chinese can be a good business - for the coaching classes and those who learn.