Open Spring of Ideas List

Alternate Uses of Tobacco

When I was in TIFAC we have got done a systematic study about 7 to 8 years ago on the alternate uses of tobacco. There are many parts of tobacco plant which can be used as a good protein. Tobacco seed gives very good edible oil.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) And Knowledge Sharing Of The Future

Current period of human history (the economy in particular) is dominated by IPR's. IPR's are sold at a very good premium. Copyrights held by music, media and publishing industry fetch enormous amount of money. The court cases all around the world for enforcing the IPR's are large in number. Even many basic science researchers give special attention to patentability of their findings and patent first before going for publishing the scientific papers. Scientists are taught not to share information between each other during their researches as it may affect the ownership of the invention. Most of them keep a diary of their work, as if it is a day-to-day accounting which may be audited by a tax person (in their case it could be a court).