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Old People Homes - Matter Of Compassion; Also A Matter Of Ethical Business Opportunity

I have given in many places in this website especially India's Demographic Dilemma about the youth. Coming now to persons about sixty years (i.e. senior citizens) their number in India is about 24 millions. As the age expectancy is raising up steadily, it is likely that those who have crossed 60 especially those who are in the middle class - even its lower end - are likely to live up to 75 - 80 years. This is due to modern medical advances. Thus the population of old people is likely to be growing and by 2020, such senior citizens are likely to be about 70 to 80 million. (Also likely that the age 60 years will cease to be a 'retirement' age and the definition of old age person may change !).

Sustainable Economic Growth - Actions For Manufacturing Innovations

The challenges of sustainable economic growth vis-a-vis sustainability of human life - common peoples' lives - resolve around sustainable economic growth in their societies. For India, this is very important since the benefits of modern globalised growth are yet to reach hundreds millions very soon. And much more crucial is to maintain the benefits of growth for all segments for their generation and beyond.