Open Spring of Ideas List

Pirate Stories

Using some imaginative MIX of modern and old and with the use of animation technologies - many special cartoon series around piracy stories, can be generated as a good entertainment for young and old.

For The Unemployed And Underemployed Youth

Most People pay lip service to employment generation. Some old time good persons think employment can be increased by employing more people in organized sector and in Govt. That will make them inefficient. Only way to increase certain amount of employment in organized sector is to create more and more globally competitive industries in manufacturing and service sectors (Auto, Textiles, Machine Building etc; Service Sectors BPO, retail transport, tourism health care etc) These can trigger in addition to limited employment in themselves, a lot of secondary & tertiary employment. That is why an urgent need for opening up the economy for Domestic and foreign investment. Since doing business in India is so difficult (hundreds of approvals before setting up industries and thousands of inspector-raj plus principles during operations) That is why many Indian investors are also going out to China, Russia, even UK, Europe for investment. Nobody who invests wants unnecessary headaches.

India`s Human Resources - From Raw Numbers To Real Resource

We often talk in superlative terms about India's illiteracy or great achievements of IIT's, IIM's or the 54% below 25 youthful population.

IIT's, IIM's are good; but in terms of numbers of students covered in a vast country like India, they are miniscule. Therefore it is not enough to consider IIT's or IIM's alone as a national policy.
India's youth is asset or burden. It depends on how we shape them. Therefore we need to consider some facts and figures. This small write up below is an attempt to provide a reasonable full and true picture.

Knowledge Intermediation

Often people assume that pumping money (be it Govt. Grant or Bank loan) is adequate to trigger a sustainable economic or entrepreneurial activity in an area - village, Panchayat, or a district etc. For most of these efforts to be successful and self-sustaining, it is essential to characterize the user, markets, technical uncertainties, business uncertainties, technological options, infrastructure constraints etc in a particular locale specific manner. This is not a mere report but an action involving series of studies and interactions with a number of persons who will be impacted, who want to be active etc. Some times it is a little activity of convincing too and remove fears of risks. This process is called 'Technology Intermediation' or 'Knowledge Intermediation'. This process also can help tremendously the sincere Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

This note gives some details and most importantly describe how this KI, TI activity itself provides an excellent business opportunity for professionals young and retired.