Open Spring of Ideas List

Wrong Number Calls In Mobile Phones - Technology And Business Opportunity

  1. Many of us do receive a number of 'wrong' calls. Sometimes we get missed calls and when we call back the other person barks at you as if you made a wrong call. Some of the 'wrong calls' I have received made me wonder whether it was really a wrong call or whether some body is trying out something. In a busy life, one goes along, often deleting the 'received' or 'missed' wrong calls.
  2. In the present day world of globalised crimes, I think it will be good, if the mobile phone operators give a provision to record such numbers with just a push of a button, at the most two buttons. With that push, the number received, date and time should get registered in the mobile phone. It should be storable in the mobile phone and also easily downloadable to a computer.
  3. Even undesirable calls can come under this category, depending on the judgment of the mobile phone user. For example repeated 'harass' calls to a man or a woman can get recorded this way.
  4. If such a facility were easily available and authentically recorded, the mobile phone user can use it for his or her own defence. Also they could use it to report to the police at a convenient time. If mobile operators give this facility, police may also respond.
  5. Many men and particularly women can be saved of harassing calls.
  6. If it is a genuine missed called due to wrong connection or wrong pressing of button, they can apologies and also will be able to defend later. Such persons, who have made a genuine missed call inadvertently, can also use this facility under a category, wrongly dialed with date time, to which number called etc.
  7. Hope ICT experts can think of the challenge and design a cost effective and user friendly system. Mobile phone sellers can have an additional feature on demand or otherwise.

Looking forward to a solution within one year.

Y.S.Rajan 5/4/2010 Bangalore