Open Spring of Ideas List

Mines Safety

The plight of coal mines in Britain troubled Karl Marx quite a bit. But conveniences, cleanliness and safety in mines especially in developed countries have increased manifold since then.

But in developing countries like India, safety of mines is a neglected area. If some accidents happen, a new flash, lip sympathies and all is over. But it is not going to be so in the years to come. Safety of mine workers may become an important human rights issue and civic society pressure may build up to enhance mines safety. Among several technologies, electro optic/electronic sensors and ICT have a crucial role in ensuring Mines Safety.

I suggest that some young entrepreneurs may work with retired mines engineers to map the potential use of safety systems and equipment. I know that many mines are in public sector and it may not be easy for you to do a new product or assemble a new product and sell to them. Do a good research of global companies who can supply equipment and system. You can become their agents in India. You can get funds from to do the marketing and business development. You will definitely get a commission.