Open Spring of Ideas List

Reconstruction Industry

I had been recently to USA. There are lots of construction work going on in many suburbs. Also one finds old buildings being pulled down and new ones emerging.

But another important fact that may have been missed by many persons. Almost every day there is some news of accident or death from the falling of bridges or an explosion in a old sugar factory etc. Also one frequently comes across delays in US domestic flights due to mechanical problems in aircraft.

What is happening? While USA undoubtedly lead country in the world in most sectors of business, technology, services and also continues to be the pioneer in terms of absorbing most new products in the world on a very large scale (it is a great 'Consumption' machine of the world, keeping the global economy growing), USA is also showing the sign of having been the early pioneers in most of the sectors - in factories, roads, bridges, highways etc. Though many old items are condemned and new equipment etc come up, it appears that there are still many areas that USA is not keeping up its speed of replacing the old. Many roads in the interiors of USA are still not the best, for example. Competitive pressures from the whole of global economy may make American managers to do 'cost cutting' through prolonged use of old equipment or buildings.

Here is a great economic opportunity: RECONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. As I am more India - centric due to experience, I see such a great opportunity for RECONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY for Indian entrepreneurs. Many buildings in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and even Delhi are waiting to be pulled down - not to mention in many towns. Also many bridges, water supply systems etc. Many factories are about 50 - 60 years old. Many of these can cause danger to public safety.

Let some clever group of entrepreneurs along with some financial institutions, start RECONSTRUCTION PACKAGES. Insurance companies can also join these efforts through offering attractive premiums for those who reconstruct; it will help the insurers in the long run.

I hope some young persons will join together and survey areas around them. It can help assess the potential business. Then they can approach the financiers to develop a business plan.

Grow India, but also Reconstruct India.

Y S Rajan
Onboard AI 102
NY to Delhi