Open Spring of Ideas List

Middle Class Layouts : Business Opportunities As Old Age Homes For A Social Entrepreneur

It is well known that India is a young country with about 550 million under age 25 years. About 650 million under age 30. But many may not realize that about 110 million Indians are senior citizens about 60 years of age. About 5 to 6 millions Indians get added to this pool every year. This size of population is bigger than the total population of many developed and developing countries in the world.

Forming An Overarching SHELL COMPANY To Cover BPO Small Entrepreneurs

In addition to major IT giants in our country, there is a large number smaller companies in the BPO / KPO business. They make good profit and also employ a large number of persons (which is these smaller companies also take up a number of sub contracting jobs from the Indian major companies. But most of these business activities are in the Metro cities, their nearly suburbs and in some of the Tier 1 towns. It has been tough to take the BPO / KPO business activities to Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns and rural areas.

Wrong Number Calls In Mobile Phones - Technology And Business Opportunity

In the present day world of globalised crimes, I think it will be good, if the mobile phone operators give a provision to record such numbers with just a push of a button, at the most two buttons. With that push, the number received, date and time should get registered in the mobile phone. It should be storable in the mobile phone and also easily downloadable to a computer.

Good Living Conditions In Slums

Let us make for all future cities as a part of master plan, some selected places, spread out all over the city specially marked for SLUMS. Let there some access of water, drainage and electricity. Spread out because those who live in slum are the domestic servants, and providers of various other services at a low cost. They cannot be struggling to catch a bus or train.

Multiple Strands Of Knowledge And Skills - Crucial For Entrepreneurial Success

Remember this for the success of an enterprise : Products or services from your enterprises require Threads from different disciplines : knowledge of markets; overall economics; aesthetics; technology; engineering; accounting and finance; knowledge of relevant laws; skill sets of the workers and staff; personnel management skills; etc.

Many such THREADS of knowledge and skill sets are to combined and joined with the RESIN of entrepreneurial goals. Then imagine the strengths of such a COMPOSITE strands. (You know that modern advanced composites are made of fragile glass fibres or carbon strands or natural fibres etc... all weak alone. But with resin and joining under pressure, they are very very strong.)

So if you want your enterprise to be successful and strong, be ready to be a part of multiple strands.