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This web page contains some wonderful ideas by Prof. Y.S.Rajan Anybody can use these ideas and develop them into any form that could be useful for the society, mankind and also to them.

The ideas given here can be used without any prior approval or further obligations - a simple acknowledgement of this web site would be sufficient. We wish you success in life and further gush of wonderful ideas - to prosper further, to have all the great P's.

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The objective of this thought of having a bullet inboard of ideas is given here in the own words of Prof.Y.S.Rajan

A thought was going through me. Now a days mots of my speeches are interactive. Even inaugural addresses or keynote speeches are given in an interactive manner by me. I find it rewarding for the audience and me.

It is not just Question & Answer session after a speech. During the talk, I take the help of the audience through my questions and their answers (some time their supplementary questions) to higher level of thought and newer areas of interest and exploration, related to the topic in discussion.

When I was giving one such talk to the college students of Thirumalai Naicker College in Madurai, I asked the audience a question -'Why I am giving a talk like this? '.

A young (girl) student doing her B.A (I think) popped up and said ' that we are not bored! '. I congratulated her for her truthfulness and boldness.

Now coming to the Open Spring of Ideas. I was thinking about my life ever since I finished my M.Sc and joined the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) Ahemadabad - many thoughts on how many ideas I had, shared, how many ideas about India, life etc. (how many shattered is another story). As far as ideas are concerned whether it is professional, life or advice on personal matters, I was always ready to give and with God's grace it continues even today.

In the recent times one person who kindly and fondly tells me often is Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam - 'Rajan you are full of ideas...You keep on giving...You are an ideas man!'

As early in the sixty's in P.R.L one of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai's PhD student Dr .S. Dhanju, told me:

'Sundararajan (I was called by this name by those in P.R.L, 'Rajan' was after I returned from USA). I have an advice to you as your senior - you give away too many ideas to everybody. It may not be good for you. People will use it for their own PhD thesis or research papers and it may affect your thesis (as you cannot repeat them).'

As we were talking in a dinner table he pointed on to a glass of water and said ' Sundararajan, people will use the glass as long as it has water. You have ideas now but when the water is over,nobody will bother. Therefore keep something for yourselves '.

I always liked Dr. Dhanju, because he was a good man and a simple person. Some other students used to tease him. I also could feel that he gave me the advice out of affection and care for my future. But still I replied

' Dhanju saab! I thank you. I understand your concern. But I hope that I have not been blessed with only one glass of water... I hope it is a perennial spring inside... If not it is not worth it. Even if I keep the one glass of water too long, it will not be useable. ... '

So I went on sharing my ideas with others. Often times, even when it is not sought for. When I think something will be useful for somebody, I tell about it. God, I think, has given me an ability to think, to study, to observe, to understand, to generate some new ideas and to share with others and also to do. I thank Him / Her for the same.

Over the four decades my habit of sharing in USA when I was in NASA -- and in India continued the same way. Experience in life also showed me that part of what Dr.M.S.Dhanju told was also true, but there are good, excellent human beings as well, who after several years when they meet narrate the incidence when I shared with them an idea (or ideas) which changed their lives later.

I want to see only the positive side of the life's experience over the 40 years. I don't know how many orbits around the Sun (62 was over on 17th April 2006), God has ordained for me. Let me keep on giving what She / He gives me.

Hence the idea of the Open Spring of Ideas. Let the ideas and knowledge be shared so that in a globalising world, let prosperity become universal - let it reach all. It can be so only when more and more of our people are around with knowledge and skills.

As days go on you will find many ideas, in many fields.

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  • Ideas for adventure
  • Ideas for creativity
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As they come,(as I am given) they will be put up in the web site, for anybody to use.

My second collection of Tamil (Original) poems is entitled 'Vatraatha Ootrukkal' (Perennial Springs). Let God's grace and your (viewer) enthusiasm and affection create more springs in you and in me.

Prof. Y.S.Rajan