A To Z Of Success : A Companion For Youth

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Author Y S Rajan
ISBN 81-88322865
Publisher Ocean Books Pvt Ltd
Contact 4/19 Asaf Ali Road,
New Delhi 110002
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The book imparts worldly wisdom to youngsters for handling the challenges in life and carve out a better future for themselves and society.
The Hindu (Newspaper)
This book successfully bridges to different genres. One genre is a self-help type of book and the other is that it also straddles philosophy very successfully.
Dr. Jai Panda, MP
A to Z of Success. It's like Dale Carnegie telling you how to make friends or win friends and influence people. I've got a check-list from Dr. Rajan on 'How to be Successful'.
Tarun Das
We talk about power. The one before that, which Dr. Rajan has dealt with very nicely, is instead of igniting your passion, your energy against somebody or against something, ignite it for something positive including success defined in a positive manner.
Arun Maira
Clearly, it is a book that I wish I had got when I was much younger. Having turned 35 now, I think I can relate to a lot of things the book talks about. And actually, I could appreciate the title of the book could even be 'A to Z of Successful Life'.
Sumit Anand
A reader can open it at just about any place and start reading. Dr. Rajan explores a vast plethora of subject and emotions that concern the younger generation, evoking a number of interesting anecdotes and references to drive home his points. More often than not, succeeds in making an impact. Even wizened veterans can benefit from the advice given here. What separates it from other self-improvement books flooding the marketplace is Rajan's adherence to an Indian context - this is a book with a distinctly Indian flavour, potential to be on par with the works of Convey, de Bono, and Hansen.

I must also thank you for writing such a wonderful book which shows us and guides us in the right direction to live and build our lives. It truly is the best gift you have given to India's youth today and a lot of other youngsters across the world who would read and learn from your experiences and thoughts.

I have shared copies of your book with all my cousins in the family,friends and some colleagues at workplace and they have all appreciated it.They have thanked me for sharing this treasure with them, and I have told them all that our thanks are due to you Sir, for creating/ writing the book for us.

You have asked me for a brief review of the book, which truly speaking is a very difficult job to do.In my opinion its a must read for every youth in today's world and it will be difficult for me to say that any particular portion is good.I really like the way its been divided into parts from A to Z and when it comes to content it is just perfect.

The other observations which I wanted to share were:

- If we can write to schools and colleges and if a copy of the book can be shared with students studying there or if it can be made a part of curriculum there. Or if we can have each of these Institutions have atleast one copy in their library.

- The book would have even more impact if we have some pictures included in addition to the text.

- The font of the text and presentation could be further improved in the next edition / reprint.

With Sincere Regards,

Varun Ajay Khurana
Corporate Affairs Group
Reliance Industries Limited
Petroleum Business (E&P)

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Review of A To Z For Success

Review of A To Z For Success