Human Knowledge & Happiness

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by Y.S.Rajan

 - R.B. Datar Memorial Lecture 2002 (pp.61)

Brought out by the Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association,
Golden Jubilee Bar Room, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi

About the book

The canvas covered in the book is very wide exploring the conditions of human reality. It looks at the issues of knowledge society, which is an approximate definition of what is emerging in the Twenty first century. It argues that the scales of human happiness can not be overlooked. Truth in science, arts, other walks of learning limits to knowledge..the nature of human happiness; sustaining the world..

Drawing from science; evolution; other disciplines; the author has arrived at a few conclusions which will be relevant to most of the humanity.

Copies are limited. Libraries may ask for a copy.

However an enlarged version with many major revisions based on the subsequent lectures given by the author is soon coming out as a new publications by Rajpal & Sons.