Global Business Technology And Knowledge Sharing : Lessons For Developing Country Enterprises

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Author N.S.Sidharthan and Y S Rajan
Publisher MACMILLAN INDIA LTD.,(2002)
Contact 2/10, Ansari Road,
Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110002

What is in this book?

India vision 2020 covered the overall vision for possible Indian growth and details of specific sectors: agriculture, agro - processing etc... up to strategic industries and critical technologies.

Empowering Indians covered the details of policies, procedures and processes to achieve the vision. It emphasizes the need for getting into details of processes of development and not getting lost in over all statement. I have given a lot of details.

This book goes one further level of details into firms. Finally it is the individual firm (be it 10 person size or 10 lakh size) determines the economic and business strength of India. Finally it is the firm that is the cutting edge of the technology strength of a society and nation.

The book has a number of comparisons of China and India in terms of FDI, SME's, Individual and Technology policies. How China and India have addressed them.

The chapters in the book are:

Global Business Environment, Technology and Economic Development, Foreign Direct Investents, Liberalisation and FDI trends in India and China; Technology imports, Liberalisation and In house R & D, Technology Acquisition and Growth of Firms, Technology and Exports, Technology Intermediation, Case Studies of Indian Firms, Globalisation and Technology Intermediation : A Vision.

These nine chapters along with Preface and Overview make a wholesome mix of theory, practical example, data, derived information as well as indicative suggestions for companies and firms especially in developing countries to adapt to and to excel in the new emerging era of competitive knowledge based economy. It is also a good source for policy makers.

For persons in a hurry each chapter, often for sections after within a chapter summary boxes have been inserted for a quickie summary. May be useful for preparing power points. There are numerous references to research papers, journals and book that would be useful for researchers, academics and students engaged in multi disciplinary studies.