Nature, Science & Modern Life

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Nature, Science & Modern Life

Opportunities for Indian Youth

Most of us today in 21st Century love to go back to nature. This desire is built into our genes through evolution and wired to our brains. We no doubt are tied to our modern gadgets. But we love green plants, leaves, lawns and colors of flowers. We are thrilled by the roaring oceans in the sea-coast. We love gushing waters. We love our pets. Of course we love to see the mountains and are awe-inspired by their immensity. Very rarely we get a chance to see the star-studded sky and are thrilled. We fall in love with full moon and are afraid of total darkness!

This love for nature is irrespective of the fact that we occasionally come across the terrible face of nature: floods, earthquakes, landslides etc. After sometime we forget it.

We tend to forget that human population has grown several hundred fold since those 'good old days'!! In fact post independence, that is from mid 1940's, developing countries including India have increased their population five times; five hundred percent!

So the solutions for the modern human beings are very different from the 'good old days'! They require a good understanding of Science, Engineering, Biology, Neurosciences, Economics etc.

Yes, we have to live with nature, but in modern world which will keep changing!