Electricity From Renewable Sources

Series of Articles on "Living With Nature In Modern Form - Mission For The Twentyfirst Century" - Electricity From Renewable Sources

First important step to remove poverty to a person or a family in the modern world, is to have a good electricity supply for them. It is needed to pump water. It is needed to provide access to modern knowledge tools starting from TV to computers. It is essential to have a modern competitive industry for a micro-or small industry. It is needed to increase agricultural productivity or artisanal productivity. I can list many more.

Start Up Entrepreneurs Need To Avoid Beaten Paths

Keynote address by Y.S.Rajan at MANTHAN 2014, arranged by Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI) – 14-06-2014 at Bangalore. sharing key items, ideas and experiences on the vast subject of “Enterprise Development – Technology and Innovation”.