E-Commerce and Virtual World

This article has appeared in latest issue of Kisan World. It is about the newly emerging disruptive (positive sense) technology-business which is well above the horizon in India.


For a variety of reasons ranging from traffic congestion to very busy office lives for men and women to the sheer size of options that can be visited in the virtual world etc., e-commerce, (e-tail, e-banking etc.,) is emerging as a major force. Internet penetration is low in India, though having a large mobile market. Even in such an ecosystem the entrepreneurs are finding new business models of aggregating the existing players and provide competitive prices and good delivery to consumers.


If our young persons make a keen observation of the desires of consumers and options available from producers (farmer or phone maker or processed food maker or an SME etc.), many new services can emerge. Our farmers may get better deals than what is available now. Many "ordinary " Indians can get jobs that pay reasonably well. Read on more in the article...


Series of Articles on "Living With Nature In Modern Form - Mission For The Twentyfirst Century" -Swaccha Bhaarat

It is extremely gratifying to note that Prime Minister of India has accorded "Cleanliness" - the highest priority. The Slogan also is very catchy. We all should wish it a success, within the timeline set by PM.

However, we need to learn from our past failures to clean Ganga or Yamuna etc..., that is because we as a people, avoid attention to details; and to see the interconnectedness. So the best intent is converted to a few symbols, slogans etc..., Broom stick, toilets, etc... Therefore Y S Rajan has spelt out the elements to be taken care of, to make it a great successful movement. It has just appeared in the Kisan World January 2015 issue.....................  Must read all Indians.......................