Y.S.Rajan (Y.Sundararajan) had been since the age of 10 engaged in studies that help understanding life, society, country etc. Initial inspirer was the great Indian national poet, Subramanya Bharati through his Tamil songs. When YSR came to Bombay in 1957 (his 13 years of age), his learning expanded to almost all books in English – Swami Vivekananda Science books, Marx, Nehru, Aldons Huxley, Swami Sivananda, Aerobindo…… many more beyond school and college books. Also lots of observations of Bombay life – industry, slums, people, political activities etc. But his writings during this period 1957 – 1964 are very minimal….

One piece from a diary when he was just under 14 years is as follows :

Quote :

  I think God has given us the body with very good idea – to show us the importance of this world and that of spirit.

  Without this material body, the spirit cannot exist and in the same way without the spirit, this body cannot live. It will rot away and would be gone.

  This has got a very great significance– that which is given in ISHA Upanishd :  â€œTo darkness are they doomed who devote themselves only to the life in the world and to a greater darkness who devote themselves only to meditation…..To darkness are they doomed who worship only the spirit --- They who worship both the body and the spirit by the body overcome death, and by the spirit achieve immortality.”

  With the beautiful example of body and soul Mother has shown us how to life. “We must not leave material things as sinful nor should we leave spiritual things as a thing to be practised by some in the forest. Both are necessary. Both are interdependent (if at all a man wants a integral development of his personality.) With one things man cannot hope to become perfect. If one thing is left, other thing cannot exist; it would perish.  

  If soul leaves, body collapses; when body is not there soul cannot feely exist and evolve. It has to evolve while in the body.

  I ask “Mothers” to give me both material and spiritual things, which I need. Mothers have fully taught me that material things are also necessary to have spiritual growth. Both must be balanced and there must be a dynamic equilibrium between the two. The golden medium is the easy path.

  ‘Whatever you do, dedicate to Krishna, and Mothers with full spirit – That is the path THEY have shown me.

  That is the only way which we can practise very easily in this age where we have to be very busy earning our livelihood and almost reduced to machines in our daily life. This is the best path I have been shown. This won’t conflict in any way with our modern life.