Technology Policies in India

         - A Survey of their evolution and Suggestions for future policies

 By Y S RAJAN  (1994)

This paper was written during 1994, at the request of an economist friend who wanted to understand about technology policies in India. He wanted to know why Indian industry is not able to be in the forefront of technologies as in countries like Japan, Korea etc. who had also started later than Europe. He desired to know about the role of national laboratories. It is at that time I did a detailed research on the evolution of the industrial policies right since independence, as mere study of science and technology policies (titled as such by Govt.) would not suffice. This paper is a result of this work. Extensive quotes from relevant policy documents, parliamentary statements etc are given to make the paper fairly self-sufficient.

While the paper itself was not published then, the ideas contained therein have been reflected in many of my later talks and writings. Importantly I had attempted several actions to implement the suggestions.

I am not placing this paper on the website because it contains many useful information for researchers in the field of technology management and technology policies. Still many remnants of the evolutionary process are found in the S&T system and in Industries. It is important to take actions to remove them. This papers will give insights for such actions. Also useful for other developing countries who could have gotten into technology related problems for correcting themselves.

A more detailed treatment of the S&T policies required in the era of liberalisation (and market forces) are given in one of the chapters of the book “Empowering Indians”.

KEY WORDS:  Indian Industrial Policies; Technology Policy; evolution of Indian S&T policies; hiatus between S&T and Industry; Industrial R&D; S&T and Indian economy; R&D for Indian economy, Reforms for S&T system; Reforms in Industry R&D.