India 2020

An unique book which unfolds a vision for Developed India by 2020 using technologies triggering economic and social development. It is based on sophisticated technology forecasting and assessment methods including dolphi surveys conducted by TIFAC for about two years. This book is a condensed version written in a lucid style. It is still very good source book for a number of ideas for action and also for technological paths. It is also written in an inspiring style as witnessed by its continuing best seller status crossing more than 100,000 books. Also it has been translated in more than 10 Indian languages some of them crossing 100,000 by themselves.

Much of what is forecast in the book are coming true despite skepticism in the late nineties when the book came out. Book also contains a chapter as to what various groups, Industries, SME, NGO, MNC’s, Individuals, PSU’s, Govt.,  media and many others can do.

Key words :     Vision; developed India; technology forecasting; foresight; TIFAC; 2020.