Sustainability: Prosperity that preserves resources and limits emissions

World wide we are witnessing devastating cyclones and floods. Also some earth quakes. Nature appears to be in great fury. Not all these can be attributed to climate change - an easy unseen enemy!!! The damage in Mumbai was primarily due to many years of negligence of sewage disposal, garbage collection, status of precarious buildings, etc... Even in USA such negligence component will be there. No doubt there are changes in weather systems. There is a need therefore not only to limit emissions but also to limit consumption of natural resources. But that should NOT be done by keeping bulk of the world population in poverty. That is real sustainable development and not the single point solutions being touted.

I have addressed them in detail in many articles in this website and in my book Mission 21st Century...I have also addressed Natural Disasters.

I am placing here a set of PPT's presented in an International Partnership Summit organised by CII in 2016.

We can find solutions that will keep ALL Indians having a good life, not necessarily worrying about comparisons.

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