India Aerospace: The Future

India Aerospace: The Future

India's ambitions in high technology areas had an early beginning since independence.Aerospace is a notable example. India's performance is good. But still a lot more needs to be done to create many profitable industries in these sectors and be in an excellent position globally.

A frank talk was delivered by me at Thiruvananthapuram on 22 September 2017 on the occasion of 68th Annual General Meeting of Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI), Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Memorial Lecture. In addition to mentioning some crucial problems of the past ( with the intent that we don't continue repeating the same mistakes), a number of specific items have been given for taking IMMEDIATE actions. Though some bitter truths were also told by me, the talk was well received. There was a vigorous Q&A. Later too many congratulated me. I thank the aerospace professionals for the same. They are itching to do something concrete which can successfully compete in global markets.

The talk was later published in the E-News of AeSI January 2018, Release 01.

For view / download I am attaching a copy of talk here...

What is before our young people


You need to spear head a new movement INCOME FOR ALL INDIANS. Not as dole but through their work and continual improvement of their skills and opportunities to earn more and live better. It is equivalent to our Independence movement which drew many young persons. Colonial power no doubt tried to divide Indian youth by clever tricks and partly succeeded.

Now compulsions of electoral politics are attempting more vicious divisions among the youth. Please rise above them and think of all youth on the lines I have described. To begin concrete actions please impress upon all MP’s and MLA’s to spend their annual MPLAD money for sustainable INCOME generating projects as given above. Then impress upon all big companies to do the same and not spend in “show off” projects.

You can continue your regular work to earn your livelihood and do this as extra work. Celebrate MP’s, MLA’s, and corporate houses which do well. And praise others who help to uplift even a few persons. I don’t want to describe how exactly you could do. You will definitely find a way if you really believe in the cause of you fellow Indian youth. Great speed is of essence! Also translate this message in all Indian languages to reach many more.

Sustainability: Prosperity that preserves resources and limits emissions

World wide we are witnessing devastating cyclones and floods. Also some earth quakes. Nature appears to be in great fury. Not all these can be attributed to climate change - an easy unseen enemy!!! The damage in Mumbai was primarily due to many years of negligence of sewage disposal, garbage collection, status of precarious buildings, etc... Even in USA such negligence component will be there. No doubt there are changes in weather systems. There is a need therefore not only to limit emissions but also to limit consumption of natural resources. But that should NOT be done by keeping bulk of the world population in poverty. That is real sustainable development and not the single point solutions being touted.

I have addressed them in detail in many articles in this website and in my book Mission 21st Century...I have also addressed Natural Disasters.

I am placing here a set of PPT's presented in an International Partnership Summit organised by CII in 2016.

We can find solutions that will keep ALL Indians having a good life, not necessarily worrying about comparisons.

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Transforming development through Science, Technology and Innovation

The word development has many political, economic and other connotations. But the way it has been stated in the letters of the USAID Administrator and other papers that followed. I see a clear ray of hope. The way it has been focused in the background papers for the conference, this world DEVELOPMENT can really become a flood light of hope for billions people around the world, if we all do the actions well. The papers have dared to touch the real ground truths about poverty in current societies. Bulk of real poverty of the world today revolves around rural poverty of people who live in and depend on the incomes of poorly endowed lands.